Topic Highlights
Sessions Topics to be discussed




Transport Session

o   Updates on the timelines to deliver an Integrated Transport System and showcase available Opportunities in Qatar

o   Updates on the US$15bn Doha Metro Project, mainline freight and passenger networks

o   Reducing congestion in the Qatari Transport Networks through Innovative technologies

o   Overview on innovative technologies to achieve national strategies and goals





Sport Infrastructure Session

o   Updates on existing and future projects to meet national goals to host the 2022 FIFA World Cup

o   Overview on the Design, Construction and delivery phases on the sport facilities in Qatar

o   Case study: Ras Abou Aboud Stadium: First ever demountable, transportable and reusable stadium in the world

o   Advanced Technologies solutions for stadiums and sport facilities in Qatar




Healthcare Session

o   Overview on the Qatar’s National Health Strategy and QR22.7 billion upcoming 2018 projects

o   Improving quality of construction through Innovative Healthcare materials

o   Effective planning and design strategies to enhance health facilities in Qatar



Education Session

o   Overview on a total of QR19.0 billion of projects in the Education Sector to meet the increasing demand and population growth

o   Initiation Stage: Feasibility & project cost estimation of the expansion of the Education City

o   Providing advanced materials for sustainable Schools in Qatar

o   Discuss existing challenges Qatari schools are facing




Water Infrastructure session

o   Project update and future opportunities on the QR 8.7 billion Qatar’s Local Road and Drainage Programme

o   Overview on 207 roads and infrastructure projects located in 5 areas across Qatar

o   Treating water prior to discharge it in the irrigation networks through most recent technologies

o   Increasing the capacity of roads and utility services to meet the requirements of the country




Tourism Session

o   Overview on the Qatar National Tourism Sector Strategy with a series of new Hotels, Leisure and Recreation Facilities

o   Increasing hotel rooms from 22,000 to 40,000 by 2022

o   Implementing projects and events to target 5.6m tourists per annum by 2023

o   Creating the perfect entertainment for families during their visit to Qatar

o   Discussing the challenges and opportunities in building new Hotels, Malls, and Parks